Windows Assessment Tool – Windows 8.1

Windows Assessment Tool – Windows 8.1

In Windows Vista Microsoft introduced the Windows Assessment tool, this tool collected information on your computer and generated a score indicating how well your computer would run Windows.

In Windows 8 Microsoft removed the graphical interface for the tool however it still exists and can be easily run from PowerShell this video shows you how to do that.


Advanced Search – Windows 8.1

Advanced Search – Windows 8.1

How to use the search in Windows 8.1 to find files using advanced search techniques. All of the techniques shown will work in previous versions of Windows as well.

Search by Size

If you want to search by file size;

Search for files larger than 100mb


Search for files smaller than 100mb



Search by Last Modified

If you want to search for files by when they were last modified;

Before 2014


After June 2013


Search by File Type

If you know the file extension (you can find these using google) then you can simply do a wildcard search

Wildcard search

*.png (png will change depending on the file type you are searching for)

If you are after all file extensions for a certain type of files i.e. Pictures you can search for;


If you want to exclude a certain file type you can do the following search


Search AND, OR, NOT Combinations

If you have an idea of some of the words in the file name you can use AND, OR and NOT to filter search results

Pear AND Apple

Pear NOT Apple

Pear or Apple