Windows Assessment Tool – Windows 8.1

Windows Assessment Tool – Windows 8.1

In Windows Vista Microsoft introduced the Windows Assessment tool, this tool collected information on your computer and generated a score indicating how well your computer would run Windows.

In Windows 8 Microsoft removed the graphical interface for the tool however it still exists and can be easily run from PowerShell this video shows you how to do that.


Windows 10 – New Release (10122)

Microsoft have announced a new build today on Fast Ring (available by Windows Update) Build 10122.

What’s New


  • Changes to the start menu, file explorer and settings moved the bottom left of start. The ability to switch between the start menu and start screen has been moved to the new “Start Settings” under personalization settings.
  • Microsoft Edge (Previously called Spartan) has a new tab page that was showed off in April at Build. Shows top sites, featured apps and content from MSN.
  • InPrivate mode added to Edge.
  • Pin websites to Start.
  • Apps are no longer able to set themselves as defaults it can now only be done in Windows.

Known Issues

  • If you’ve got an AMD GPU then Edge will crash a lot.
  • Upgrading on certain PC’s (with a lot of drivers) may fail.
  • Cortana may have trouble with speech recognition.